Hue Serene Palace Hotel

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Hue Serene Palace Hotel

21, ngõ 42 đường Nguyễn Công Trứ, Huế, Việt Nam - Show map

Hue Serene Palace Hotel is strategically located, 200 meters from the famous Perfume River and Trang Tien Bridge. It features modern rooms equipped with personal computers and offers free WiFi throughout the property.

The hotel is only 600 meters from Hue Citadel and about 1 km from Hue Railway Station. Hue Airport is 10 km from the property, while Da Nang International Airport is about 70 km away.

Most popular amenities
Quầy bar cạnh hồ bơi
Phòng tắm hơi
Lễ tân 24h
Dịch vụ thuê xe
Khu vực hút thuốc
Thang máy
Báo miễn phí tại sảnh
Quầy bar
Nhà hàng

Hue Serene Palace Hotel Thông tin

Booking policy

  • Room rates are in Vietnamese Dong and are subject to applicable tax & service charges, including breakfast for standard guests in the room (Please see Regulations on Standard occupancy per room).
  • Payment is to be made in Vietnam Dong (VND) or in a foreign currency converted at the official foreign exchange rate quoted by the hotel at the time of payment. The hotel accepts payment by cash, credit card or bank transfer.
  • Reservations are not considered confirmed until you receive a written confirmation of your reservation from the hotel. Checking availability over the phone does not count as a booking agreement.
  • Room requirements (such as bed type, non-smoking, etc.) can be specified in the booking form. However, arrangement is subject to hotel availability and is confirmed by booking.
  • Other expenses (such as laundry, minibar, telephone…) and other services that you require during your stay at the hotel must be paid directly by the customer at check-out.

Children policy and bed

Extra bed depends on the room type you choose, please check the room information for more details.

All children are welcome.

- Children 0-11 years old [including 11-year-olds]
Free stay if using existing bed.
If an extra bed is required, there will be an additional charge.
- Guests 12 years of age and older are considered adults
An extra bed needs to be booked and there will be an additional charge.


Cancellation policy varies based on the rate type booked

Other regulations

When booking more than 5 rooms, additional policies and terms may apply.

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